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Seoul Unveiled: A Journey through South Korea’s Must Visit Attractions

Seoul, South Korea, welcomes travellers to a multi-day exploration where ancient palaces, traditional hanbok experiences, panoramic views from N Seoul Tower, the thrills of Everland, and the poignant history of the DMZ collectively create a narrative of South Korea’s must visit attractions.

This guide invites you to immerse yourself in South Korea’s Must-Visit Attractions, which we recently did. So if you have a week available in Seoul then these tours will give you a good understanding of the tradition, modernity, and thrilling experiences available. Join us as we unveil the gems that make Seoul and its surroundings an unmissable destination for every type of traveller. Showcasing South Korea’s Must-Visit Attractions as the essence of your unforgettable journey.

DMZ: A Bridge Between Histories

DMZ third tunnel entrance

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Embark on a poignant journey to the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), a symbol of the nation’s complex history. Begin your day with a guided tour that takes you to key landmarks like the Third Infiltration Tunnel, the Dora Observatory, The Freedom Bridge and Imjingak Peace Park. A powerful reminder of the hopes for reunification. The Park stands as a testament to the resilience and aspirations of the Korean people.

Stand at the border of North and South Korea, gaining insight into the decades-long conflict and the ongoing quest for peace.

Map of the DMZ Third tunnel

Make sure you have your good walking shoes on if you decide to walk down into the Third Tunnel. When I did it recently I found it much steeper than the above map shows and only just made it back up.

Lotte World: Thrills and Entertainment

Lotte World Adventure

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Transition from history to excitement with a day at Lotte World, an amusement park that promises a world of thrills and entertainment. Divided into an indoor Adventure theme park and an outdoor Magic Island. Lotte World boasts thrilling rides, captivating shows, and an ice rink for year-round enjoyment. This park is a good one to visit for families as it has a range of rides and attractions for all ages. We had our 18-month-old grandson and there was plenty for him to do.

Fantasy Parade and Lotte World Tower:

Catch the Fantasy Parade, a colourful spectacle that sweeps through the park, bringing characters to life. Afterwards, take some time to wander the shops in Lotte World Mall or do the Sky Bridge Tour at the adjacent Lotte World Tower. One of Seoul’s iconic landmarks, offering breathtaking views of the cityscape.

Seoul Palaces, Namsan Hanok Village, N Seoul Tower Day Tour

Seoul Palace Tour - Gyeongbokgung

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Begin your day with a step back in time at Seoul’s grand palaces. Start at Gyeongbokgung, the main palace, where the Changing of the Guard ceremony sets the tone for your historical journey. Wander through ornate halls, serene gardens, and the National Folk Museum, gaining insight into Korea’s rich heritage.


Insadong is a bustling neighbourhood in Seoul, South Korea. Here, you’ll find a vibrant array of traditional Korean crafts, antiques, and souvenirs. The narrow alleyways are lined with quaint shops and boutiques, offering everything from handmade pottery to intricate hanbok garments. Stroll along the lively streets, immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of this cultural hub. Whether you’re searching for unique gifts or simply browsing, Insadong promises a shopping experience like no other. Don’t forget to sample the delicious street food and take in the street performances that add to the lively atmosphere.

Authentic Korean Lunch

As part of the tour, indulge in an authentic Korean dining experience with a delectable lunch. Our recent excursion left us enchanted by the flavours of traditional Korean cuisine, with the Bulgogi beef stealing the show as our favourite dish. Savour the tender, marinated beef, grilled to perfection and bursting with savoury goodness. Accompanied by an array of banchan (side dishes) and steamed rice, each bite transports you deeper into the heart of Korean culinary tradition. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply curious to explore new flavours, this authentic Korean lunch promises a memorable gastronomic journey during your tour.

Namsan Hanok Village: An Afternoon of Timeless Elegance

Namsan Hanok Village

Cultural Immersion: Transition from the grandeur of palaces to the quaint charm of Namsan Hanok Village. Wander through narrow alleys lined with beautifully preserved traditional Korean houses, or hanoks, capturing the essence of Korea’s architectural past.

Hanbok Experience: Consider adding an extra layer of cultural immersion by renting a hanbok within the village. This traditional Korean garment enhances your experience as you stroll through the village’s charming streets, creating timeless memories.

N Seoul Tower: Sunset Panoramas

Nth Seoul Tower

Sunset Ascend: As the day progresses, head to N Seoul Tower atop Namsan Mountain. Arrive in the late afternoon to witness a breathtaking sunset over the city. Choose between the Namsan Cable Car or a scenic hike to reach the tower, setting the stage for the evening’s panorama. I would recommend the Cable car, even if it is crowded you get a great view of Seoul as you go up the mountain.
Skyline Romance: Reach the observation deck for panoramic views of Seoul’s sprawling cityscape. As daylight fades and city lights begin to twinkle, experience the romantic ambience heightened by the iconic “Locks of Love.” Couples leave padlocks symbolising everlasting love, adding a touch of magic to the panoramic vista.

Everland Excursion: A Day of Thrills and Adventure


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No trip to Seoul would be complete without a visit to Everland, South Korea’s largest and most thrilling theme park. Nestled in the lush hills of Yongin, Everland promises a day filled with excitement, entertainment, and unforgettable moments. Let’s incorporate this exhilarating adventure into your Seoul itinerary for a truly diverse and thrilling experience.

Everland Day Tour: A Morning Journey

Early Departure: Kickstart your day with an early departure from Seoul to Everland, ensuring you have ample time to explore the park’s diverse attractions. Convenient transportation options, including buses and shuttles, make the journey from Seoul to Everland seamless and efficient.

Thrills and Rides: As you arrive, dive straight into the heart of the action. Everland boasts a variety of thrilling rides, catering to adrenaline junkies and families alike. Experience the rush of the T-Express, one of the world’s steepest wooden roller coasters, or embark on a safari adventure at the Lost Valley.

Everland Afternoon Delights

Zootopia and Animal Encounters: Everland is not just about adrenaline-pumping rides; it’s also home to Zootopia, a vast animal-themed area. Spend your afternoon exploring this section, marvelling at the diverse wildlife in the safari, and catching entertaining animal shows.

Global Fair and Themed Zones: Everland’s Global Fair and various themed zones offer a cultural and visual feast. From the European-inspired Four Seasons Garden to the enchanting Magic Land, immerse yourself in diverse atmospheres and unique experiences.

Evening Extravaganza

Moonlight Parade: As the sun begins to set, prepare for Everland’s famous Moonlight Parade. Spectacular floats adorned with colourful lights, lively performances, and your favourite characters create a magical atmosphere. Find a prime spot along the parade route to fully appreciate the dazzling display.

Fireworks Finale: Cap off your Everland adventure with a mesmerising fireworks display. Whether you view them from a designated area or catch glimpses while enjoying one of the park’s many attractions, the fireworks add a magical touch to your evening.

Return to Seoul

Nighttime Departure: Bid farewell to Everland and make your way back to Seoul. Reflect on the day’s thrills, entertainment, and magical moments as you journey back to the bustling capital.

Renting a Hanbok: Where Tradition Meets Fashion


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As you embark on your exploration of Seoul, consider adding a touch of traditional charm to your experience by hiring a hanbok for a photo shoot. The hanbok, a traditional Korean garment, adds an extra layer of cultural immersion, allowing you to step into the past and capture timeless memories against the backdrop of Seoul’s most iconic attractions.

Before you begin your exploration of Seoul Palaces, start your day by renting a hanbok from one of the many shops near Gyeongbokgung or Insadong. We found them everywhere throughout the city. Choose from a wide array of vibrant colours and intricate designs, each reflecting different periods of Korean history. Palace Stroll in Hanbok Splendor: Wear your chosen hanbok as you stroll through the majestic halls and beautiful gardens of Gyeongbokgung. The traditional attire not only provides a deeper connection to the historical setting but also transforms your visit into a visual feast, creating a unique blend of past and present.

Final Thoughts

As our week in Seoul comes to a close, the memories of exploring South Korea’s Must-Visit Attractions linger—whether it’s the timeless elegance of palaces, the cultural richness of a hanbok experience, the panoramic views that unfold from N Seoul Tower, the adrenaline-pumping thrills at Everland, or the poignant history etched in the DMZ. Seoul’s diverse offerings ensure a journey that caters to every traveller’s desires. One thing to note with these tours. They can be long days and will sometimes go longer than advertised. So make sure that you factor that into your schedule. As you bid farewell to this captivating city, may the tapestry of South Korea’s Must-Visit Attractions remain vivid in your heart, as they do in ours which will inspire future adventures in the Land of the Morning Calm.

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