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Best Things to Do in Southern Downs and Granite Belt

For those of you who have read our previous post on the best road trips from Brisbane, you’ll discover that this guide to the best things to do in Southern Downs and Granite Belt is the perfect complement to your Queensland adventure. Embarking on a road trip through the undulating landscapes of Southern Downs and the Granite Belt is not merely a scenic drive. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in a myriad of unforgettable experiences. Get ready for a thrilling adventure that showcases the best things to do in Southern Downs and the Granite Belt Trail.

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Now, let’s dive into the details of these remarkable experiences:

1. Girraween National Park

Explore the rugged beauty of Girraween National Park, where massive granite formations create a dramatic backdrop for your adventure. The park isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s an invitation to a journey through unique ecosystems. Hike through picturesque landscapes, and discover the resilience of native flora and fauna. Marvel at the iconic balancing rocks that stand as silent witnesses to the passage of time. Girraween is more than a haven for nature enthusiasts; it’s a living testament to the raw beauty of Southern Downs.

2. Granite Belt Christmas Farm

Experience the festive spirit all year round at the Granite Belt Christmas Farm. It’s not just a farm; it’s a magical escape where every day feels like Christmas. Wander through rows of Christmas trees, participate in festive activities, and enjoy the charm of this unique farm that transcends seasons. Beyond picking your own tree or sipping on hot cocoa. The farm offers a chance to reconnect with the joy and wonder of the holiday season, making it a delightful stop for families and Christmas enthusiasts alike.

3. The Granite Belt Maze

Get lost in the fun at the Granite Belt Maze, where laughter echoes amidst the greenery. This family-friendly attraction offers not only a challenging maze but also mini-golf and puzzles that add an extra layer of excitement. It’s more than a maze; it’s a hub of friendly competition and shared moments. The maze isn’t just a destination; it’s an interactive experience that invites visitors to create lasting memories surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of the Granite Belt.

4. Private Wine Tour of the Stanthorpe Area

Southern Down winery

Indulge in a private wine tour of the Stanthorpe area, where rolling vineyards and boutique wineries await to be explored. This isn’t just a wine tour; it’s a personalised journey through the heart of Stanthorpe’s winemaking excellence. With a tailored itinerary, you’ll have the chance to taste exquisite wines, learn about the intricate winemaking process, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Granite Belt that provides the perfect backdrop for your oenophile adventure. Make sure to try a strangebird.

5. Stanthorpe Food Comedy and Wine Tasting Tour

image of a tour guide in front of Castle Glen Stanthorpe

Combine laughter, gastronomy, and wine on the Stanthorpe Food Comedy and Wine Tasting Tour. This isn’t your typical food tour; it’s a blend of entertainment and culinary delights that creates a unique and memorable experience in Stanthorpe. Discover local delicacies, enjoy hilarious comedy performances, and savour the finest wines of the region. It’s not just a tasting tour; it’s an extravaganza of flavours and laughter that adds a special touch to your Granite Belt exploration.

6. Granite Belt Winetasting Experience & Cheese

A cheese tasting plate

Elevate your taste buds with the Granite Belt Winetasting Experience & Cheese tour. This experience isn’t merely a wine tasting; it’s a symphony of flavours that showcases the region’s winemaking prowess. Delight in a curated selection of wines paired with delectable cheeses, creating a sensory journey through the Granite Belt’s distinct terroir. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a novice, this isn’t just an experience; it’s an introduction to the rich and diverse world of Granite Belt winemaking.

Immerse yourself in the cultural scene of Southern Downs at the Stanthorpe Art Gallery. This isn’t just a gallery; it’s a vibrant showcase of contemporary and traditional artworks that captivate the senses. Explore diverse exhibits, participate in engaging workshops, and appreciate the thriving arts community in Stanthorpe. The art gallery isn’t just a space for visual delights; it’s a hub of creativity that invites you to connect with the artistic soul of Southern Downs.

8. The Big Thermometer & The Little Brass Monkey

Make a quirky pit stop at The Big Thermometer & The Little Brass Monkey. These landmarks aren’t just oddities; they’re iconic symbols that capture the playful spirit of Southern Downs. Beyond being amusing photo opportunities, they represent the region’s penchant for uniqueness and whimsy. Snap a selfie, share a laugh, and create memories at these offbeat attractions that add a touch of quirkiness to your Granite Belt adventure.

9. Amiens Legacy Centre

Pay tribute to history at the Amiens Legacy Centre. This isn’t just a heritage site; it’s a solemn space that commemorates the sacrifices of Australian soldiers in World War I. Explore exhibits that go beyond history books, learn about the local impact of the war, and reflect on the courage and resilience of those who served. The legacy centre isn’t just a museum; it’s a place to honour and remember the profound contributions of the past.

10. Ballandean Pyramid

Ballendean pyramid

Discover the mystique of the Ballandean Pyramid, a unique landmark in the Granite Belt. This isn’t just a pyramid; it’s an intriguing structure surrounded by vineyards that offers a captivating backdrop for exploration and photography. Uncover the story behind this unusual monument, marvel at its architectural uniqueness, and enjoy panoramic views of the picturesque surroundings. The pyramid isn’t just a monument; it’s a testament to the region’s penchant for the unexpected.

Final Thoughts:

Navigating Southern Downs and the Granite Belt unveils the best experiences in the region. From Girraween’s natural wonders to the festive charm of Granite Belt Christmas Farm, each destination enhances your road trip. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, wine lover, or history buff, Southern Downs and the Granite Belt offer diverse activities for every traveler. Opt for the best things to do, crafting an adventure beyond the road, and creating memories that linger long after the journey concludes. Explore the best things to do in Southern Downs and the Granite Belt for an unforgettable experience.

What are your thoughts on this list? Have you visited any of these places? Are there any other locations you believe should be included? Tell us your favourite things to do in the the Southern Down and Granite Belt

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